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Since its humble beginnings in the mid-20th century, “DJing” has come a long way in terms of the technologies used and the methods applied. From the phonautograph in the late 1800s to disco parties throughout the 1970s, disc jockeys embraced the technology of their times to entertain.

The pieces of equipment used today have reached significant advancements in the past decade, and DJs are continuing to push the limits of live performance. Below are some exciting new products that have recently hit the market that intend to change the game even more.

Traktor Kontrol S8

This piece of technology is an alternative to the traditional two-turntable setup. This four-deck unit comes with four different remix slots, faders for each element used in a given track (whether that be drums, piano, or bass), and a built-in 4 track display; an invaluable reference tool when performing live.

DJs who wish to still use a traditional setup will be pleased to know that the Kontrol S8 also comes with linkable turntables while acting as mixer for everything connected to it.

MODEL 1 Mixer

The sound produced live is obviously essential, and having an old or shoddy mixer can effectively sabotage your set. The MODEL 1 is sure to eliminate that risk. Designed by Richie Hawtin and Andy Rigby Jones, this mixer comes with two aux inputs, two headphone ports, both high-pass and low-pass filters, and EQs that are precisely sculpted for cutting and boosting. The sound this unit produces is great, and will surely change your set for the better.


An online software for laptops or desktop computers, Stems is an open format that gives DJs the power of layering and rearranging any tracks they choose with the click of a button. A skilled audio engineer can effectively create an entire song reminiscent of a whole band, without the acoustic instruments.

Ableton Live 9

Many DJs are well aware of the opportunities that come with Ableton programs, but the continuous updates that this software goes through allows for literally endless possibilities. Ableton Live is commonly used in recording studios making it compatible with a ton of gear, as well as boasting an extremely smooth interface. The latest Ableton update (Live 9) comes with production abilities, sound editing, mixing, and it’s a great program to use live.